2009-2010 Author Payments


Number of authors receiving payments:
Number of eligible titles in PLR database:
Total amount issued in payments
 to authors:
Maximum author payment:
Average payment:
Median payment:

PLRC’s Budget
In June 2009, the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages announced that the $25 million in funding to the Canada Council which was due to end on March 31, 2010 had been extended for five years. The budget for author payments through the PLR program will continue to benefit from $1 million of this funding as well as from the $700,000 increase announced in the Canada Council for the Arts’ Action Plan 2008-11.

Calculating the payments
Each year, the PLRC selects public library catalogues to survey electronically and compare to the list of eligible titles registered with the PLRC. If a title is found in a library, it is recorded as a “hit” in our system. A title can receive only one hit per catalogue, even if the library contains multiple copies.

We survey six public libraries in each official language and double results for libraries in the largest urban centres. In December, 2009, the PLRC voted to end its practice of
doubling the hits for poetry titles found in these libraries.

This year, for any title found in the PLR’s library sampling,
the payment is calculated based on the following scale:

Number of Years Title Registered with PLR

Payment if Book Found

Category I: 0-5 years


Category II: 6-10 years


Category III: 11-15 years


Category IV: 16+ years


The amounts in this scale apply to authors claiming 100% of
a PLR payment. In situations where there is more than one eligible contributor to a book, the value of the hit is pro-rated among the contributors according to the percentage of the book that was their contribution.

Re-Activated Files: An author whose file is re-activated will receive payments based on the category corres