The Public Lending Right (PLR) Commission mails over 15,000 cheques to authors

Ottawa, February 16, 2007 – We are pleased to announce that the 2007 PLR cheques were mailed to registered authors on February 14, 2007. In total, 15,417 authors were issued cheques and the average payment was $588. The total amount of the payments was $9,062,475.61.

PLR payments are issued to authors in recognition of the presence of their eligible books in Canadian public libraries. The payments are determined by sampling the holdings of a selection of public libraries across the country.

This year, 640 authors received their first PLR payment. A total of 3,788 new eligible books were registered in the program in 2006. The maximum payment per title declined from $287.35 (in 2006) to $281.05, due to the combined impact of an ever increasing number of registered titles, and a budget that does not grow at the same rate.

The distribution of payments by province follows:

Province or territory                       




British Columbia             




New Brunswick                


Newfoundland and Labrador    


Northwest Territories         


Nova Scotia                  


Nunavut Territory            




Prince Edward Island         






Yukon Territory              


Outside Canada                        


Authors have the opportunity to register new eligible books from February 15 until May 1, 2007.